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4ft (1.2m) LED Whip Light - Single

4ft (1.2m) LED Whip Light - Single

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* High quality, flexible, waterproof, dustproof
* 12 Month Warranty
* Stock and Customer Service team in NZ 
* Delivery within days nationwide!
* Don't be disappointed by the cheap, low quality whiplights sold elsewhere

LED Whip lights.360 spiral RGB lighting colour. Over 200 colour and pattern combinations. Singles(1pc) comes with remote and app controllers.

Quality, durable, flexible, legal, bright, waterproof, dustproof. Easy to install whips with a quick release base disconnect base. 

Whatever you own or drive, make it distinct - Light it Up!


  • Made from durable silicone materials 
  • 1P67 rating  (NZ Waterproof and dust rated)
  • 360° Spiral Colour,  bright full colour and visibility from every angle
  • Over 200 lighting styles and patterns to choose from.
  • On-road, single colour white/amber usage legal in NZ
  • Off-road flashing, colour customisation
  • UV-blocking, so they won't fade or deteriorate
  • Has a quick release base. Easy to disconnect and interchange.
  • Easily installed yourself. Instructions provided.
  • Versatile - used on a wide range of vehicles  such as 4x4's, Quad bikes, Trucks, Campervans, farm, construction and contracting vehicles
  • Ideal to be added as additional work vehicle safety lights, as they are distinct and can be seen from long distances. Ability to colour change means they won't get lost in the mass of flashing orange.
  • Customisable  lighting styles and brightness. Controlled by either the app and/or remote control.

Installation Instructions included with Whip lights.


- 1 x LED whiplight

- 1x RF Remote controller

- 1x Instruction Sheet with installation and App QR Code

- Flag mounting attachment

Frequently Asked Questions & illuminating Answers!

- What do you use whip lights for?

- Is it legal to use whip lights on New Zealand roads?

- What are the vehicle lighting rules?

- Delivery and Shipping queries?

- Returns policy questions?

- Product Replacement policy?

- Faulty Items and exchange rules and procedures?

- Refunds and Payment issues?

- Product Features and Whiplight  Installation?



People put whip lights on their vehicles for a range of reasons, they include:

  1. A new way to make your vehicle look more distinct and unique -  to stand out from the crowd or just have some fun by adding cool stuff on your vehicle.
  2. Providing additional visibility and safety benefits - particularly on work vehicles, trucks and vans or farms and commercial worksite vehicles, diggers and contracting equipment.
  3. Enhancing vehicle visibility at long distances eg for smaller vehicles to be more easily seen and tracked eg motor bikes, buggies and quad bikes, or to simply stand out in busy working areas.
  4. Providing portable flood lighting in remote dark areas. Ideal for camping /beach /rural party lighting. The whip lights run low amps off your battery and are bright enough to leave on while parked up to light up an area for ambient lighting. Perfect for night time parties.



Are Whip lights Legal in New Zealand?

Yes. LED Spiral Whip lights are totally legal to be mounted and turned on day and night for both on road and off road use in New Zealand.

There are however, clear restrictions with your cosmetic and whip light usage when you are driving on public roads in New Zealand.

Cosmetic light usage when you are driving on public roads in New Zealand.

  • FRONT MOUNTED WHIPLIGHTS:   CAN only use the white or amber solid colour at the front.
  • BACK MOUNTED WHIPLIGHTS : If mounted at the back of your vehicle they can only be red or Amber.
  • On- road, you can NOT use any other colours or any of the motion, movement or spiraling colour setting modes at all on the front or back. 
  • Any flashing, dazzling or light movement is deemed 'dangerous and distracting' to other drivers and is for Police and Emergency vehicle use only.
  1. According to NZTA  'It is against the law to use cosmetic lamps in a way that could dazzle, confuse or distract other road users’.
  2. NB: There are also now legal limits on how many extra lights can be fitted on a vehicle and where they can be located for on-road, as well as restrictions on "cosmetic lighting". So if you already have modified, additional or cosmetic lights fitted to your vehicle, it is your responsibility to understand all the latest New Zealand regulations before installing your NZ Whiplights.

Check out our even more detailed BLOG on this question.

For Off-Road usage you can use any and all flashing modes you wish.  If you are at all unclear, for the latest regulations check out the Waka Kotahi / NZ Transport website for exact rules and regulations on lighting.

What are some of the Cosmetic Vehicle Lighting rules in New Zealand?

According to the NZTA website, on road rules apply to spots/light bars but by default also include rules for Whip lights. These state when driving on public roads...

  • They must be angled downwards and fitted so that the light source isn’t directly visible from the front or back of the vehicle (this will prevent the lights distracting, confusing or dazzling other road users).
  • You must not be able to see any red light from directly in front of the vehicle.
  • They should only give off light that is spread out (diffuse) rather than light concentrated in a beam.
  • They must not be positioned close to essential lights such as headlights or indicators.
  • They must not flash, pulse, fade in and out or change colour.
  • They must not revolve, rotate or move in any direction.



Who do you use to deliver the whiplights?
NZ Whiplights provide a nationwide delivery service, through contracted delivery company NZ Post. We currently offer free standard shipping.   Our standard shipping is with New Zealand Post and takes about 2 - 6 business days to arrive from the time the order is placed. All deliveries are subject to stock availability. We will attempt to get as accurate information as possible regarding stock availability.  If there is a delay in the stock being available we will contact you and let you know. 

Can I get my order faster?
Unfortunately, we can’t currently offer faster delivery options in New Zealand, but check back for updates—we're keen to offer it as soon as providers can guarantee it!

Can I track my order?
Yes you will receive a tracking order number with your order.  Email update notifications are then sent to you directly from the NZ Post outlining the progress of your parcel.

Do you have pick up options?
Yes. Pick up is available in Auckland. However, this can only be done by prior appointment. Please contact us directly to arrange a time.

Can I view the product before I purchase?
Yes. this is possible in Auckland only. However, this can only be done by prior appointment. Please contact us directly to arrange a time.

Do you Ship to PO Boxes?
No sorry. We are unable to ship to PO Boxes, physical addresses only.

Are Pre-orders Possible?
Yes. We are able to do pre-orders for any items or out of stock items. Please contact us to be registered for prioritised pre-ordering.



What is your return policy?
Hopefully you won’t need to return anything. But, if anything does go wrong we will replace or refund, in keeping with the NZ Consumer Guarantees Act 1993.  The act only applies to items used for personal use not commercial. We aim to make the returns process as quick and hassle free for you as possible.

Who pays for returning faulty goods?
Customers pay to return any faulty goods to NZ Whiplights. However, shipping costs for sending the replacement items to customers is paid for by NZ Whiplights.  Clothing and Apparel size exchanges will also be covered by NZ Whiplights.

What could void my warranty?
If products have been incorrectly wired or used outside of recommended usage, this will void your warranty. NZ Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 only applies to items used for personal use not commercial.

We do not offer a change-of-mind policy so please choose carefully.


REPLACEMENT (if applicable)

What items can be replaced?
We replace items if they are defective or damaged upon delivery. If the product you have bought is faulty, we will provide a remedy as required by the NZ Consumer Guarantees Act. Please contact us immediately if you believe that the item you have received is defective, damaged or is incorrect.  

To initiate a return, please complete the following steps:

  1. Contact us as soon as you receive the faulty item. Email:
  2. Where possible, reply to your order confirmation email to request which products you would like to return.
    • Print the return shipping label that you will receive from us by email.
    • Send items back to us using the shipping label that we have provided. The cost of returning the item is the customer responsibility. This should be done within 7 working days of contacting us about the issue.
  3. Shipping costs of sending you faulty item replacements are covered by NZ Whiplights and are sent to the same address.


When can I expect my refund?
We will do our very best to receive and process your return. We'll be sure to send a refund notification email as soon as we've issued your refund.  Refunds will be processed and a credit will automatically be applied to your credit card or original method of payment. We aim to refund you within 14 working days. Refunds or store credits are back to the original purchaser. Please note that credit card companies can take up to 14 working days to process and refund your account.

Can I cancel an order?
Ideally no order, once accepted by us may be cancelled or varied, except for good cause. But we know mistakes can be made so if we are able to cancel your order - prior to dispatch - we will refund you to your original payment method, where possible.

Can my order be cancelled?
Yes. But only if we are unable to provide a product to you, or on rare occasion, we may have to reject an order for example if an error was made in the advertised price, or description of the product or if there was an error in your order prior to dispatch.

Can I send a gift card?
Yes. Our eGift cards are all electronic and can be sent to you or emailed directly to the lucky recipient. If you want to send the gift card directly to the recipient, click "Send As A Gift". From there you can also add a personalised note and schedule the email notification.

If you want a physical gift card or something personalised for the lucky recipient to open, we can email this to you so you can always print it off or email to them - deliver it in any way you’d like!



Can you hook whip lights straight to the vehicle battery?
Yes. If you have a standard 12v battery. Just connect the wires directly to the battery to power the lights.

If your vehicle has a 24V battery will it still work?
Yes. But, you will require a 24-12 volt reducer, before you can attach it to your battery.

How do you mount LED whip lights?
Whiplights can be mounted in several ways eg on an existing bull or nudge bar or onto existing holes (12mm min) where light bars or other accessories can also go or on your bonnet with a mounting plate (not included) but also available from NZ Whiplights should you need it.

Do you have an instruction sheet?
Yes. An instruction sheet is provided with the Whiplights. If you are unsure what to do, please have them installed by a licensed electrician. Instruction Sheet

Are there whip light installation Videos?
NZ Whiplights do not have an installation video. We provide an instruction sheet. However videos are available on Youtube. If you do not know what you are doing we would strongly recommend you have them installed by a licensed electrician. Incorrect installation can result in voided warranties or vehicle damage. We are not responsible for your incorrect installation.

How many LED’s per whip light?
Typically : 3ft 165, 4ft 255, 5ft 345, 6ft 405

How many amps do whip lights draw?
Whips draw hardly any ampage at all.  A pair of 2 whips is under 3 Amps.

Can you purchase the Whiplight remote separately - We lost ours?
We do offer some replacement components like remotes for sale separately.

Can whip lights and the remote control get out of sync?
Yes.  Whip lights can on occasion get out of sync with a remote control due to interference by other RF devices. Please try the following to reprogram the whips to the remote control. Let us know if the issue persists.

  1. Connect all whips you wish to reprogram to power and ground. (Actual car battery, not a battery charger or test battery)
    Press the COLOR (-) and BRIGHT (-) buttons one time at the same time.
  2. This will re-program the whips to a single remote control, eliminating the issue of others with the same item being able to control your whips or interference by other RF devices.


Installation Instructions included with Whip lights.

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