About Us

I'm a self proclaimed and proud  'petrol head'.

I love anything and everything to do with cars, going to car meets and off-road 4WDing. My best life experiences to date have been off-road fishing and 4WDing trips with friends in both the North and South Islands.

As a hobby, when not driving or fishing, I do graphic design and love creating unique vehicle related stickers and also t-shirt and sweatshirt designs, my latest stickers are available for sale here and also from time to time my "Bogan by Design" clothing range. Join our mailing list to get updates.

NZ Whiplights (NZWL) is a 100% Kiwi owned and operated family business. My family are from North Canterbury originally and I spent much of my childhood and teenage summers down there fishing and in 4WD's, blasting around in paddocks. I now live in Auckland with my family where NZWL is based.

I'm naturally impatient and hate waiting, so I wanted to offer my customers a great prompt service. As a result we physically hold our whiplights and all other stock items in New Zealand. We don't drop-ship or rely on costly and increasingly unreliable delivery times from around the world. If our products are ever out of stock we will tell you!

I started my business during Covid times as I was looking for new ways to make my 4WD vehicle more distinct and unique.  I'd seen some crazy LED 4x4 and truck rig setups overseas as well as LED's whip lights on work and contracting vehicles and loved the fun and distinct look of them and I'd seen nothing like them in New Zealand.

For "Shits and Gigs" I trialed a few different whip light brands that didn't end up being as reliable, durable, flexible, versatile, removable, or water and dustproof as I had hoped for in New Zealand's rugged climate. However, I loved the concept, so I decided to source my own high quality product and NZ Whiplights was created.

We believe we now have the best most durable, flexible and versatile whip lights available in New Zealand and we stand behind our product with a 12 month warranty.

Our lights are not just for 4WD vehicles they are increasingly being used as health and safety lighting on work sites and commercial contracting trucks and vehicles throughout New Zealand.

I love them, my family and friends love them - now I'm sharing the love.

So what ever you own or drive, make it distinct  - Light it Up with NZ Whiplights.

Cheers Alex
021 232 8524